What YOU measure YOU can manage

Dated: 09/27/2012

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Ambition is defined as a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.  That being said how do we achieve ambition?  It starts with setting a goal which typically is the ONLY easy part of what comes along through ambition…AND goals are ONLY achieved by measuring ones progress.

I work out nearly everyday and just recently I was struggling with ambition because I had not set a goal in some time and with no goal there is no progress to measure.  Suddenly I was at a crossroads of defeated and bored.  YES, I was still crushing a working everyday but I had no way of knowing my achievements.  When this happens in ANY facet of our lives (work, marriage, fitness, etc.) we become discouraged because we feel like we are simply going through the motions.

SO what was my next step….and understand its ALWAYS as simple as a next step.  I grabbed my IPhone and began to use Pandora for a mix of workout music that was all inspiring and motivational rather than the same 50 songs I had on my IPod for the past year…..and to measure?…..runkeeper that has a GPS locator and tracks my time, distance and progress.  NOW WE ARE TALKING! The past week I have been exceptionally PUMPED to go crush another run because I have measured my daily progress and each day I AM GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY to beat a past achievement! 

Life is TOUGH!  Life will always prevail if you let it….SO DON’T!  Take the initiative and make your next move…take your next step and each hurdle you over come and each goal you achieve will spark motivation to continue on that path!  We all need help from time to time, it does NOT mean we are weak it means we are always growing and that is the ONLY way to be MINDBLOWING! 

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