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Dated: 06/17/2014

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What does success look like to you?

Take a few minutes and ponder on that thought....

Each one of us have different definitions of that word. While some envision success as wealth, others see education, some see family or independence.  No matter your definition of success, we all have reached certain goals in life by the help of others.  We may have a difficult time admitting that our achievements are a result of another individual, nevertheless, they absolutely are....while we may be the engine of any idea that has catapulted us into our career or goal, someone has been the axle that keeps us aligned and the wheels that help us move forward.  Want to be more successful?  Use this formula.  

1. Always Help Others First- Helping others is a sure way to not only bring encouragement to someone else, but motivates you to be positive and uplifting.  When we fill our minds with positive thoughts, there is not a lot of real estate left in our minds for negativity. "It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed." 

2-Learn from the Best- You may not be able to envision yourself in a new job, different life path, a new mom or dad, but every expert started out as a beginner.  Find someone that you perceive as successful, talk with them, network with them, learn every piece of information you can from them.  Be an apprentice.  Don't be afraid of failure because you feel uneducated, use that as a learning opportunity to master it and glean from an expert!

3. Don't Wait- One of the worst mistakes anyone can make is waiting for good things to happen.  You are in charge of making yourself successful.  You must be your own cheerleader.  You must go after your dreams.  If you don't like something about your circumstances, you have the power to change them. "Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you ready or not, to put this plan into action."

4. No excuses- As brash as it may sound, we have no excuses as to why we can't be successful.  College students today have more resources available at their fingertips than any other generation, and it has produced some of the richest 30 year old and under millionaires this country has ever seen.  While we spend most of our time on the ever popular Facebook, there are limitless tools for engaging our minds with challenges that will propel us forward in a positive, successful direction.  We can Google any one item and find unlimited resources for our questions.  Libraries are still in operation with numerous books waiting upon the shelf for someone to dust them off and find the golden nuggets of knowledge that lie within the uncharted pages.  Utilize every possible tool within your reach, including the minds of others (refer to #2).   

5-Your Surroundings Make or Break You- We've all been there....that moment when you have what you think is a wonderful idea, you know, that one that will set you and anyone else on this ship of life with you financially free...this idea is even better than when Thomas Edison invented the share that idea with your closest friend and that Einstein moment quickly turns into an awkward conversation.  They don't see your idea as anything other than setting yourself up for failure...oh and they are not too shy to quickly crush any and all hope of your idea taking flight.  You in turn dismiss your own idea, completely vaporizing it to a mere memory.  While those type of people in your life are more than likely not meaning you any harm, that closed minded attitude is even more contagious than your positive and inventive attitude.  You must guard your mind and your subconscious mind against such adversity. Develop for yourself a group of individuals who think outside the box, live outside the bubble and whose atmosphere is that of unlimited space.  Create a mastermind alliance group where each member can share ideas and brainstorm freely with only positive thoughts and responses, some constructive criticism is always healthy, but knowing that every idea has a place, has a purpose and has value.  Don't let others without aspirations for their own lives get in the way of your success!  
Networking is one of the best resources we have to become successful.  Networking results in a mutually beneficial relationship between two or more parties that will prove to be helpful for everyone involved.  Look for opportunities to help people.  Look for opportunities to meet experts in your industry.  Look for opportunities to surround yourself with dreamers and doers.  Create your own opportunities.  Don't ever give up. Be positive. Be proactive.  Be successful.
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