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Dated: 02/03/2014

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Spring is coming….and for those born before the 1980’s (I won’t disclose any age information here, as you are only as old as you feel!)…Spring meant a time to clean our Home…Spring Cleaning it was called. 
Below are some great DIY cleaning tips and tricks to make the transition from the winter blues to the clean, crisp, new season of Spring!  For those looking to give your home a makeover, you’ll be amazed at how well these everyday products get the job done, all while saving money and Springing you into a new way of living.  There’s something about creating a product own your own, using that product and seeing fantastic results.  It’s very motivating! Speaking of motivation….
Perhaps you have considered selling your home, but you don’t know where to begin…What better time than Spring to begin the process.  Just starting with these simple cleaning steps for your main living areas could give you the inspiration to transform your home into a marketable listing that would allow you to move own to your next goal….your next dream home.  There are many other great ideas available at your fingertips now from Pinterest to Houzz.  Follow me on Pinterest   www.pinterest.com/valeriermedkiff
If you need a Real Estate Agent to walk you through the process of selling or buying a home, feel free to contact me, Valerie Ruppe Medkiff.  [email protected] or (864) 275-1881
So…let’s get motivated with something that must be done anyway….cleaning!
 Bath – Grapefruit isn’t just to eat!

What you Need:
1 Medium Grapefruit
1/4 cup salt (kosher is the best)
How to Use:
1. Slice Grapefruit in Half (1 whole grapefruit will clean your entire bath or shower)
2. Dash with Salt Dash the grapefruit with the salt, and don’t be shy with the salt. Wet your shower or bathtub and dash the rest of salt around the bottom.
3. It’s time to Clean! Slightly squeeze the grapefruit and scrub the shower/tub, picking up some of the remaining salt every few moments. (this creates a scrubbing bubbles effect).
4. Water time! When all the scrubbing is done, and you have cleaned every cranny, including the fixtures, it’s time to wash away all the grime….leaving a clean shower/tub and a fantastic grapefruit scent!

You can clean any toilet, sink, tile, etc with this recipe as well.  Stock up when grapefruit is on sale!
Kitchen #1 – Coca Cola isn’t just to drink!

What you Need:
1 bottle of Coca Cola
How to Use:
1. Coca Cola will naturally clean your Garbage Disposal
2. Pour Coca Cola Pour the bottle of room temperature Coca Cola down your garbage disposal.  Wait for the fizzing to stop.
3. Hot Water! Turn on the hot water and let it run until rinsed.

Coca Cola contains phosphoric acid that strips the garbage disposal of the gunk!

Kitchen #2
– Don’t throw away those Orange Peels!

What you Need: Orange Peels
1. Orange Peels naturally clean water spots from metal
2. Peel an Orange Simply rub the orange peeling on the water spots.
3. Erase and Dissolve! The oils in the orange erase water spots and lightly dissolve mineral build up.
Oranges can also shine dull wood with the properties of the oils found in the white part of the peeling. 
Living Areas – Olive oil isn’t just for cooking!

1 Lemon
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1 Tablespoon Water
How to Use to Polish Furniture:
1. Halve the Lemon Slice the lemon in half and squeeze juice into a small container.
2. Olive Oil Time! Add 1 T of olive oil.
3. Water works! Add 1 T of water.
4. Shake! Close the container tightly and shake, combining all the ingredients.
5. Polish! Now pour a small amount on your polishing cloth and wipe down the dust on your furniture!

Make this each time you want to polish the furniture as it is perishable.

Hoping this helps you get a jumpstart on your DIY Spring Cleaning!

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