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Dated: 06/08/2012

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Little did I know that aside from being a musical genius and Rock and Roll legend, Mick Jagger also doubles as a real estate guru?

Let me explain.

Most buyers and sellers are unrealistic.

Buyers these days fully expect that they will find their move-in ready dream home in a gorgeous tree-lined neighborhood in the form of a foreclosure being sold for pennies on the dollar.

They also expect to buy this home with no money out of pocket, often demanding that the seller cover the expense of any needed repairs and all closing costs.

Sellers are under the impression that they are going to sell their homes for no less than what they paid – in many cases overpaid – for them at the height of the housing boom.

They expect that buyers are going to love their bright red kitchen with white appliances as much as they did when they bought the house years ago and are offended by ‘low-ball’ offers that won’t generate a wind-fall profit.

A real estate professional has the sometimes difficult and always unenviable task of giving their clients, misguided by misinformation from well-meaning friends and family or too many episodes of Flip This House, bitter doses of reality.

That’s where Mick Jagger comes in.

When you’re against the wall with a client’s unrealistic expectations, have them watch this video and listen to the lyrics.

Maybe two or three times.

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