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Dated: 01/17/2013

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North Carolina OR South Carolina?  My wife and I explored our options thoroughly before making the choice to move to one of these two choices to get closer to her family.  After careful consideration of both locations nearly two years ago we landed in the Upstate of South Carolina in an incredibly unique town by the name of Greenville.  We both love change and that is exactly what this was…a DRASTIC change from the fast paced hustle ad bustle of Northern VA/Washington DC. 

Funny story, it couldn’t have been a better decision for our marriage and someday raising a family.  My entire life I focused on building my portfolio with great business relationships and a wonderful group of people I had the pleasure of working under.  Crazy thing about that is work was all I knew….a nearly two hour drive to and from the office,  a 70 hour a week work schedule and a constant want to get to the top. 

In the south I still knock down some decent hours but down here…there is time to breathe.  This beautiful city has stolen our hearts and our priorities have shifted to a quality of life unlike anything I’ve ever known.  Cost of living is doable on a very reasonable salary, dinners weekly are affordable, the people are genuine and kind and there is less desire to live in a mansion or drive an $80k car.  Those are all great aspirations until you realize life is more important than money, it’s about family, it’s about people, and it’s about a quality of life.  Come take a peak at our town here in Greenville SC and discover how uniquely exquisite the south truly is.

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