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Dated: 11/23/2013

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How often to you see this title while searching for a home on the internet; you click on it waiting to be WOWED by what you see; just to see a picture like this (granted this is extreme; but you get the point)?
This is a constant problem with listings either clutter, bad lighting or something else in the picture takes away from the amenities the house really has to offer.  The important thing to remember is some of the smallest things you can for the presentation of your home can make the difference of it selling or just sitting; don't just have someone come in take pictures throw it on the internet and hope for the best. Make sure whomever you list your home with takes it as seriously as you do, have professional pictures, consult with a stager and even a landscaper to present a home that is ahead of any competition in your area.
If you are thinking of putting your house on the market within the next 2-3 months be proactive, call some professionals, have them come in and give you ideas that you can work on over this time period so when you are ready to sell your home; your home is ready to sell itself!!
Should you need any additional assistance or ideas feel free to reach out to myself or any of our Agents, we will be happy to share the professionals we do business with in these areas.
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Carolann Newton

I was a domestic paralegal for 8 years prior to Real Estate. Since I have been in Real Estate I have grown to love this business, even though it does have it's challenges; it is very exciting. There i....

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