Are you lazy?

Dated: 05/29/2012

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Interesting question, right?  Most likely you clicked on this BLOG because you immediately thought of somebody other than yourself.  BUT, in fact it may be time to look in the mirror!

Do you tell clients, friends, a boss, even your spouse things like “sure thing, I’ll get that done” then never accomplish the goal you set out to achieve or follow through with the task you promised that other person.  If this is your repetitive nature this makes you a “LIAR” and in most cases a person somebody would rather not do business with or enjoy the company of! As in anything throughout our daily routine there comes a time to put on your big boy OR girl pants and get the job done no matter what.  Yes, NO MATTER WHAT!

If your choice of profession asks too much of you get out of the business you are most likely better suited to excel in another career path.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m never saying give up I’m simply saying either do the right thing to the best of your ability or try to understand this just isn’t for you.  We all know those people in nearly every facet of life that NEVER take the blame, create excuse after excuse, point the finger and no matter how you candy coat it this ALWAYS leads to failure.

I know this may seem harsh but we ALL need a dose of reality now and again to allow us to visualize the whole picture. You’re not a bad person but as in any industry one bad apple spoils the whole bunch.  A work ethic is a prerequisite to any facet of life, finding yours is the KEY!

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Carolann Newton

I was a domestic paralegal for 8 years prior to Real Estate. Since I have been in Real Estate I have grown to love this business, even though it does have it's challenges; it is very exciting. There i....

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