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Dated: 03/18/2019

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Conquer Your Phone Phobia to Create a Natural Prospecting Experience.

I came across this 2018 blog about building consistency in your business with prospecting phone calls. It does not apply to the scripts for them, instead, it talks about our attitudes toward them. About making them more natural and less of a chore. Here are 4 things to do to align yourself more naturally to making these calls for better consistency and more success.

1. Label prospecting something motivating, something that inspires you to want to place the calls. ie., “My appointment setting time, Making money calls, Building my business time.” 

2.  Schedule it with Structure, plan for it, put it on your calendar. Make it pleasant, and engaging. Use structure and be accountable. He says “if it is not on your schedule it doesn’t exist.” Up your accountability by working with a friend.

3. Competitions implement rewards, you vs. you or against you and a friend or team member the goal is to push our selves. Create a Monthly Challenge but whatever you do push to do more.

4. “Appointment Setting Shrine” Set up a spot conducive to making these calls; a place prepared with everything you need. Make it a ritual, he even suggests lighting a candle. Don’t just go through the motions be prepared with: 

• Scripts for Building Rapport   • Scripted Objection Handlers   • Qualifying Scripts 

The idea is not to fumble and search for words. Know what you want to say have them at hand. Put up photos that inspire and serve as emotional triggers, photos that encourage, drive, push and fire you up. 


Here is the link to this blog:

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