Why The Right Way Is Not Always The Right Way

Dated: 07/23/2013

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Have you ever met those individuals that continuously tell you “this is how I do it” or “I’m stuck in my ways?”  Hey, if it’s working for you and you are obtaining the goals you are setting out to achieve, stay the course.  For those of us consistently missing the mark but refuse to change it’s time to look in mirror and realize your way might not be the best way.  

I was once told by a great mentor of mine that passion, creativity, and success are all derivatives of pain.  In other words your mind has a threshold of pain and once that threshold is broken your mind tells you to “do” more and to “do” harder.  For some of us that pain might be something as small as missing a payment on a bill for others it may be something more extravagant such as losing your home in foreclosure.  Whatever it maybe you WILL find it and you will experience this at some point in your life.
How to avoid this pain?...I’m not sure that’s possible but I can tell you that if you work harder than the person beside you, harder than the person in front of you and hard than the person behind you there’s a pretty good chance you will avoid more than you will experience.  See, life is all about choices, choices to set higher goals, choice to put in those few extra hours, choices to be kind, and choices to push yourself.  YES, there are many things out of our control, but playing the victim or refusing to change is where all the difference in the world can be made in our lives.  Life is all about growth and if your not moving forward in this world life will run right over you.  Step up to the plate, admit your faults and make those necessary changes for the better.
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