The LOST art of ambition

Dated: 04/09/2013

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Who has changed their life and the lives of others by doing LESS than the bare minimum, with no concern for their fellow man while projecting a sense of entitlement?  It’s overly surprising to me the conversations I hear on a daily occurrence regarding a persons outlook on life and their lack of drive and thoughts that others should support them.  Ambition is a choice and I think a darn good one. 

There is potential in everybody the key is the art of finding your greatness.  It just doesn’t happen it’s chosen, it’s dedication and, it’s earned.  Those who we meet that have that spark that inspires us to be great are the individuals we should focus on building relationships with.  People that want to create a change for their glory, start a movement or even change the world by only talking about themselves should be the number one person to avoid.

People are not your workhorses to make you rich they are individuals with families and lives that thrive off structure and encouragement so leave your ego at the door and learn to HELP!  You’ll come to find that in most cases you will learn as much from the people you help as they learn from you.  

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