Talk is CHEAP make a CHANGE!

Dated: 01/24/2013

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How many of us have said “I want change” for the betterment of our lives?  I think we all at least think it even if we never say it.  Why? Because saying it makes it real and making it real means we have to put forth the effort to make it happen….and from that point on day after day we must commit to that pattern. 

Depending on what study you read it takes 21-28 days to form a habit.  Whether its making calls to your clients, focusing on relationship building or setting a goal to close a certain amount of homes each month…IT’S HARD!  Sales people especially Realtors must work twice as hard as the average person if you want to be on top…bottom line.  STOP saying you want change and MAKE A CHANGE!  We all want to be successful but the ones that truly make it happen are those individuals that fight through the initial pain of making positive decisions a habit.

Deals will fall through and clients will come and go BUT if you deliver a superior level of service and intensity in your business and your daily life you WILL be pleasantly surprised with the results.  No one ever looks back on HARD WORK and says “I regret that.”  Hard work will always, always, always pay off!  Look for opportunity in your day to day and if you look hard enough and work harder it will constantly float to the top!

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Carolann Newton

I was a domestic paralegal for 8 years prior to Real Estate. Since I have been in Real Estate I have grown to love this business, even though it does have it's challenges; it is very exciting. There i....

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