Please Please Purty Please

Dated: 04/12/2012

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Please Please Purty Please 

I thought they liked me? I can’t believe they put that offer in with that other agent! Why did they call them to list their house? Sound familiar? Why do agents blame everyone else but us for our own short comings? The fact remains that it is easier to blame others than to face our own reality. Try asking yourself these questions and allow them to be answered honestly.

1.      Why are they not responding to my emails or calls?

2.      Why won't they call a lender to get approved before bothering me?

3.      Why are they still talking to other real estate agents?

4.      Why did they tell me that my list price, offer price or commission is too high or too low?

Why are you blaming others for your inability to attract, engage, or create value in yourself and in your real estate business?  Ask yourself if what you are trying to accomplish will.

1.      Build value in yourself, your business and help build lasting relationships with past, present and future clients?

2.      Am I perceived by others as a person of value?

3.      Will this help build and develop my communication and sales skills?

4.      Will my actions add value to my business and getting me to the goal that I committed to?

Constantly be working to better your personal life and your professionalism. First, when you leave voice mails or emails, DO NOT beg for an answer! Simply leave short and sweet messages. Be creative in bringing value in your message or email. Second, be available. Clients will call you when they can talk and yes this may be after normal business hours. Third, we live in a NOW world. Be easy to do business with. Fourth, be more friendly than professional. Most everyone sees through professional fakeness. Get to know your clients on a personal level. Build that relationship over coffee or a meal. You will be amazed at how much you will learn from them by allowing them to see who you are. 

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So, is not writing the offer or getting the listing your fault or is it?

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