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Dated: 01/09/2015

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My husband and I adopted four abandoned kittens about two months ago.  They were left on the side of our house and were the cutest little things, so of course we decided to keep them until they were a little less helpless. Well, they are no longer helpless and my husband, who I thought was a dog person, has fallen in love with them. We named them Ginger, Sugar, Pepper and Tigger before we knew their gender. Ginger and Sugar turned out to be male while Tigger and Pepper are female. Of course my two children found lots of humor in this, but with their names ingrained in all of us, we did not change them. We did find Ginger a loving home and I thought my husband was going to cry as we handed him off. Every time I mention giving two away and keeping one, my husband gets really upset so I have decided to face the music and realize we are now a family of seven.  

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