COMPETING Offers Are Back SO How Do I WIN

Dated: 06/03/2013

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The Real Estate market is HOT, HOT, HOT!  In the past few months we have seen numerous listings receiving multiple offers.  As a home owner you could not ask for a better situation when selling your home though on the buying side this can be very emotionally taxing.  

SO, how do you not only compete but how do you win?  Knowledge and strategy will be you key factors to success.  When making an offer there are a few MUSTS if you want to be the successor.  FIRST, do your homework and research the market data to determine the true value of the property and come to the drawling board with a solid aggressive offering price.  SECOND, limit your contingency time lines BUT never cut yourself short just to win.  Offering to buy a property with no inspection or “as is” is NEVER in your best interest unless the homeowner is giving the property away, so protect yourself and don’t buy somebodyelses money pit.   THIRD discuss with your agent about a document known as an “escalation clause” and make certain your Realtor knows the ins and outs of this document and the he/she CALLS the listing agents and explains it to them in depth should they not understand this addendum. 
These are just a few helpful tips to consider when making your offer, consult with your Realtor for an in depth analysis of the perfect strategy for your situation.  Each case is dramatically different and will require a custom solution so do a little investigation to find the right Realtor for the job.
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Carolann Newton

I was a domestic paralegal for 8 years prior to Real Estate. Since I have been in Real Estate I have grown to love this business, even though it does have it's challenges; it is very exciting. There i....

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